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One of the lowest reserve rates available. Non-recourse program/not risks for you!

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What is NUKO


We are a transportation factoring services company in Katy Texas that enables your business to get instant cash fast and get paid on its accounts receivables today. We care about small business owners and provide working capital solutions that help you grow and succeed. With some of the lowest reserve rates available, don’t worry, we got you covered.


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We help you to save as much time as possible and invest in your business. You can send us an email or a text message from your phone and we will take care of the rest.

Authority MC/DOT

An easy way to know the way you move your business.

Owners Driver License (Copy)

Company owners’ driver license copy.

W9 (2018)

Fill the form.


Required coverage: Liability $1’000.000 and Motor Truck Cargo de $100.000.

Void Check

Let us know where to get you paid.


States supported in factoring solution.
We work in all states of USA.


Truck drivers in NUKO Capital.
Many motor carrier need to grow his business. You can do it with us.



You can find everything for your business growth in a single place. We have other services, such as fuel advance program and fuel cards.

Requirements for the fuel advance:

Fast forwarding 50% of the load costs $ 24.99. The transfer of money is an amount apart, which depends on the payment method that the client chooses: CARD: $6.00, ACH: $1.00, WIRE: $30.00.

  • Cargo confirmation
  • BOL
  • Application form for the fuel advance

Fuel cards benefits:

Designed for fleets of 1 to 25 trucks.

  • The card is universally accepted at over 8,000 truck stops and travel centers.
  • The card can also be used to obtain discounts on major tire brands.

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